Dan Nistor

I’m a well-rounded Product Designer 🍒 who makes the connection between business needs, innovation, and good design that delivers results and can be connected with on an emotional level

• Passionate about Design Thinking and good user-centered design practices while also having an eye for detail; I embrace Design Sprints and/or Lightning Decision Jams to streamline product development.
• Skilful in creating and revising information architecture documents and diagrams, not only those but also: content diagrams, content maps, wireframe diagrams, comprehensive diagrams, and interactive prototypes;
• Familiar with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS design capabilities; Fluent in responsive design, mobile/tablet UX and UI, ease of use for iOS or Android guidelines;
• Experience in Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Media Design, Fine Arts or related field;
• Coordinating ongoing usability testing and assessment; 

Feeling comfortable and fluent with Figma 🖤Notion and Miro.

Dan Nistor - Product Designer
"With endless wisdom, life always gives you what you need. Whether you are at home, working in an office or anywhere else, you always have a teacher in front of you."