Dan Nistor

I’m a well-rounded Product Designer who connects business needs, innovation, and sound design, delivering results at a fast pace.

I’ve been a multidisciplinary designer for over 17 years. I’m passionate about building and growing digital products. My mantra helps companies grow, taking them through the product design process – Designing and building products that users need and want.

I have a solid understanding and experience across several technical environments, working directly with engineers in several capacities; I frequently push the boundaries of platforms as needed to accomplish the best possible User Experience. In addition, my curiosity drives me to explore new techniques and mediums applicable to my work continuously.

Above all, I’m a fearless innovator and inspired collaborator who advances the art of digital product design every day.

Professional Competencies: – Agile Methodologies – Ideation & Creative Problem Solving – UX & UI Design (+ Prototyping) – Product Roadmapping – Stakeholders Management – Usability Testing

Feeling comfortable and fluent with Figma, Notion and Miro.

Dan Nistor - Product Designer
"With endless wisdom, life always gives you what you need. Whether you are at home, working in an office or anywhere else, you always have a teacher in front of you."