My Design Process

Product Design is the process of identifying a market opportunity, clearly defining the problem, developing a proper solution for that problem, and validating the solution with real users. Design Thinking is a method for the sufficient resolution of the issues. Encapsulates methods and ideas of human-centered design into a single unified concept. Design Thinking is a non-linear process.


What problem are we trying to solve? Why? When are we solving it? What are our constraints?


What do we know? What can we learn? Who are we solving it for? What are their needs & goals? What are our user’s pains, desires, behaviours?


Articulate Problem Statement/s. What Research has revealed? What are the goals of our design? What we are aiming to build?


Explore possible solutions.
How Might We solve what we’ve understood so far? Ideate a mass of solutions.


Prioritise Solutions. Decide what to execute on. Start iterating on Wireframes and Prototypes. Test the designs and advance to High-Fidelity. Keep Testing.


Sign and Seal on a final version and roadmap the implementation with stakeholders, the product manager and/or the CEO. Handover final version to the Development Team.


Publish the solution and keep an eye on how it performs. Is it generating the expected results? Are the user’s needs and goals satisfied? 



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